Omnisource United - Terms of Sale

Payment is expected upon delivery of merchandise, unless credit terms have previously been approved by Omnisource United’s corporate credit department. Forms of payment accepted on delivery are: local personal or company check, traveller’s checks, money orders, cashier’s check, Wire transfer, ACH Payment or U.S. Currency.

Credit Extension

Omnisource United will extend standard credit terms to business entities at their discretion based on credit history, financial standing, and ability to repay the debt of the company. These decisions are based solely on the information available to Omnisource United from credit reporting agencies, references, and other business dealings, Omnisource United is able to uncover. Omnisource United reserves the right to extend or shorten credit terms and limit amount extended based on these facts, as well as the payment history of the customer. Our credit application and accompanying documents govern our credit policies, and the above statements are not intended to be all inclusive.

Standard Credit Terms

The Omnisource United credit terms are as per communication to individual customers i.e. N30 days, N60 days and 10th due each month. Statements are mailed to all charge customers 1 week before due date.

Return of Merchandise

Omnisource United will accept new, normal stock merchandise in the condition it was originally delivered by Omnisource for full refund at current selling price or the original purchase price whichever is lower. Omnisource United reserves the right to charge an appropriate restocking fee. Used, dirty, damaged, discontinued, or special ordered merchandise may not be returned.

Cyber-crime Warning

Cyber-crime fraud is a real and increasing threat, particularly with the risk of criminals intercepting emails and fraudulently changing legitimate bank account details with the objective of stealing your money.  Please be vigilant and ensure caution at all times when responding to any requests for your bank details. To protect you against this threat please note that our bank account details WILL NOT change during the course of a transaction and we WILL NOT notify you of a change of our bank details via email.   You are advised to verify our firm’s bank details in person BEFORE you transfer any monies to us.

If you receive an email or any other method of contact from us requesting or changing bank details, please contact us immediately to clarify. Be aware that a phishing email (an email not from the legitimate source) may contain fraudulent contact details, please identify our contact details via other means.

Any change in our bank details will be communicated through:

  1. a LETTER (not email) sent to you as an attachment to an email on our company letter head duly signed AND followed by a personal telephone call to confirm the same.

Please be careful and verify the account details with us in person if any doubt. We will not accept responsibility if you transfer money into an incorrect bank account.

Training Policy

Training is provided as a customer service in order to improve our customer’s ability to sell and promote safe use and application of products. Training is not presented to be all inclusive, and we encourage dealers to seek further training and education. If we can be of help in finding other training options for you, please contact us. Omnisource United offers no guarantee of accuracy or completeness of training material.

Wholesale Pricing

Pricing programs may vary by location and market conditions. Please consult your local store to verify your buying price.

Retail Pricing

Suggested total retail pricing for passenger and light truck tires is based on market research against major competitors. This pricing is subject to change, and the purchaser is not obligated to sell at this price.