RADAR Run-Flat Tires

The Dimax 4 Season is the new and innovative all-weather run-flat tire range from Radar Tires. This range is designed for vehicles fitted with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and is developed as an alternative to O.E. run-flat tires. Designed for year-round use in all-weather conditions the Dimax 4 Season run-flat tire offers high mileage and performance in any weather that is encountered on a journey, from snow, slush and rain to hot summer conditions. Additionally, this run-flat range also provides drivers peace of mind that comes with the ability to drive in a run-flat condition if the tire gets punctured. Its run-flat capability allows drivers to drive up to 50 miles at speeds up to 50 miles/hour in a run-flat condition. 

This range fits high performance cars and SUVs that are designed to fit run-flat tires. The Dimax 4 Season run-flat tire also carries the 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) symbol that makes this range officially approved for winter use. 

The engineers at Omni team have designed the Dimax 4 Season run-flat tire for drivers that want a tire that is not only a replacement to their OE run-flat tires but also one that will work well in any weather condition encountered on a journey; from snow, slush and rain to dry summer conditions throughout the year. This makes it a unique value proposition for drivers and is the first of its kind. 

Additional features of the Dimax 4 Season include an asymmetric tread pattern with high-density lateral sipes. This ensures safety on wet roads and good control in winter conditions. Another unique feature of the Dimax 4 Season is the dual compound technology that delivers enhanced grip in all weather conditions allowing for year-round use. Also, this tire has an optimized casing profile and tread pattern pitch sequence that offers drivers a quiet, comfortable ride. 

The Dimax 4 Season line is available in a total of 63 sizes including 10 run-flat sizes ranging in rim diameters from 14” to 21”. All sizes carry the snow-flake symbol and are officially approved for use in winter.