Road Hazard Warranty Available

Omnisource is proud to announce a Road Hazard Insurance policy that is available for purchase when a customer buys passenger or light truck tire(s). 

We offer 2 types of Road Hazard Insurance

  • Light Truck tire(s) are charged at a 7.5% price per tire
  • Passenger tires(s) are charged at a 7.5% price per tire

Road Hazard insurance will cover tire(s) purchased until 3/32nd’s tread depth remains.

Road hazard insurance is provided as an add-on service to customers who purchase tire(s) from Omnisource

Customer can order the Road Hazard Insurance by asking their Customer Sales Representative to add the Road Hazard warranty to the specific tires purchased.

* ST Trailer, MT Mud Terrain, Agriculture, ATV/Lawn and TBR Truck tires are not covered
** Radar brand Road Hazard still available on a no-charge basis