About us

About Us

Tracing back nearly 92 years, Omnisource United, Inc. grew from the merger of 2 distribution companies. Since the beginning, our focus has been on providing the right product at the right place, at the right time and most importantly at the right price. Our goal is to produce nothing but the best in products, services and prices. In such an extensive market OmniSource strives to go beyond expectations and encourage customer and employee growth.

Omnisource sells tires for light truck, passenger, medium truck radials, industrial, agricultural tires, and supplies. We distribute over 15 brands ranging from premium to economic which segments of PLT, ATV, TBR, AGRI, Industrial and OTR. To satiate the need of the growing market, we innovated and launched our flagship brand, Radar and Patriot Tires, addressing the need for a design-driven, impeccable yet an affordable tire brand.

Today, Omnisource boasts of a unique brand portfolio and increasing distribution footprint.Our core values of speed and innovation constantly drive us to get the best products, with optimum services at affordable prices that suit our customer needs - because we believe when customer grows - we grow.

Take a look at our video: We are driven by innovation